2019 Toyota Prius TRD Rumors

2019 Toyota Prius

Toyota initially released production of the Prius in late 1997, with U.S. sales starting around the turn of the centuries. Together with its specialty as the world’s very first mass-produced hybrid automobile, the Prius brings with it … shall we state, specific undertones? You understand exactly what I’m speaking about– owners are stereotypically represented as stodgy eco warriors more worried about eking out another mpg than having any enjoyable behind the wheel. 2019 Toyota Prius

This article is just a rumor!!!

2019 Toyota Prius Exterior

Toyota simply upgraded the Prius to its 4th generation for the 2018 model year, and with the generational changeover came a brand name brand-new appearance. The styling is polarizing, that’s for sure, with a range of cuts, creases, angles, and imprints, all which leave little doubt that this thing is undoubtedly a Prius. The profile uses the very same bubbled roofline as previously, which falls under a high, hatchback rear end. Vertical accent lighting both fore and aft offsets the horizontal headlights and taillights, while a concentrate on decreasing aero drag determines where the lines go.

It’s a special appearance, that’s for sure, and our making of a possible TRD model not does anything to make it any less polarizing. Rather, in normal Toyota style, the Prius TRD highlights exactly what’s currently there, boosting the appearance, instead of toning it down.

2019-Toyota-Prius-4 2019 Toyota Prius TRD Rumors

The X-shaped front end stays, consisting of slim headlights with quad square projector real estates and a balanced out black center area. TRD includes additional efficiency hints with a red highlighting stripe that dips down into the fascia, an aspect duplicated with a thin red line that cuts through the middle of the sideview mirrors.


Chances are, if 2019 Toyota Prius TRD gets its hands on the Prius, it will not be altering a lot inside the cabin, similar to the exterior treatment. That suggests it’ll get the exact same spaceship-style design as in the past, with a big, center console-mounted touchscreen serving as the main user interface for the different infotainment system inputs. Sizing will begin at 7 inches in size, however will be used with bigger alternatives too.

2019-Toyota-Prius-4 2019 Toyota Prius TRD Rumors

Above the primary touchscreen will be a long, horizontal display screen supplying standard information like roadway speed, existing chosen equipment, battery charge, and regional time. This screen will determine in at 4.2 inches, similar to the existing Prius model. Tunes will be supplied by a six-speaker audio system as basic, with the alternative for more speakers as well as a subwoofer, if preferred.

However obviously, not whatever will be a carryover from the basic model. The Prius TRD will likewise get a choice of special additions to up its sporting cred, and to identify exactly what those additions may be, we need to aim to Toyota’s only efficiency model– the 86 coupe– for a little instructions.

Kicking it off will be a three-spoke wheel with multifunction controls and a little size. The wheel will come covered in leather and get a popular TRD logo design put in the middle. The basic seats will get tossed in favor of more stylish, side-holding systems with huge strengthens and Toyota’s trademarked leatherette upholstery as an offered choice. Sport aluminum pedals with rubber studs for included grip will be discovered in the food wells.

2019 Toyota Prius Engine and Specs

Without a doubt, the most significant enigma in this speculative review is exactly what Toyota will install under the hood. As is, the Prius is geared up with a 1.8-litre internal combustion four-cylinder engine and 8.8-kWh plug-in lithium-ion battery pack. The entire thing paths a net 121 horse power to the front axle, which suffices to move the Prius to 60 miles per hour in around 10.5 seconds. And while that’s simply great for an uninteresting computer system, it ain’t going to suffice for something with a TRD badge.

o let’s eliminated a few of that effectiveness (124 MPGe is simply overkill, anyhow), and lets see the number of ponies we can make. The very best option would be to include some increase to the formula by inserting a turbocharger under the hood. While definitely not a basic venture, a paltry 5 psi may be enough to coax some decent power from the ICE. Set that with a retuned hybrid system, potentially with an “Overboost” mode that discards an excess of electrical power as quickly as you dip into the throttle, and maybe as much as 180 horse power may be possible.

2019-Toyota-Prius-4 2019 Toyota Prius TRD Rumors

Obviously, we had actually all choose numbers closer to 200 horses, or perhaps 250 horses, however all things thought about, that appears like a little an overreach. Still, with the ideal tailoring and sticky sufficient tires, not to discuss a battery completed with electrical energy, 180 horses may be adequate for a go to 60 miles per hour in the high 6-second variety. Perhaps.

Sppeaking of tailoring– the basic 2019 Toyota Prius is geared up with a planetary-type CVT, and while it isn’t really the worst transmission on the planet, it just will not due for an application like this. And yes, we had actually all choose to break our own equipments with an appropriate three-pedal handbook, however once again, such a thing looks like a little bit of an ask originating from the Prius. Rather, a stylish automated transmission with paddle shifters may fit the expense, using a little bit more control and feel without entirely reversing the initial Prius formula and platform.


This is another challenging part of the review to piece together, however if I were to take a guess, I might see a 2019 Toyota Prius TRD priced at $29,500. That’s still a good quantity of loan, specifically if choices bump that figure past $32,000, however thinking about the basic Prius begins at $25,475, while the Prime model chooses $29,800, a number around the top of the pyramid feels about right.

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Review

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