2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport Review

2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport

In 2014, at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the Yaris GRMN hot hatchback to the world. A run of only 600 devices was slated for 2018 for the car that was motivated by the Yaris WRC however, confusingly, emerged with GRMN logo designs all round. GRMN represents Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nurburgring– so not actually pertaining to rallying. In any case, the 209-horsepower pocket rocket was fun to drive and powerful adequate to excite. 2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport

Now, a year later, Toyota brought to the Paris Motor Show a GRMN for the masses: the Yaris GR Sport. It’s based off the crossbreed Yaris, so the numbers are, frankly, minimal, but you do obtain terrific economy. What is even more, the car can be found in the usual Gazoo Racing white with red and black inserts and black wheels. It isn’t a hot hatch, yet it’s sort of a tipping rock, a “warm hatch.”

Exterior Redesign

The front end of the GR Sport is controlled, as with any kind of Yaris, by the substantial front grille. On this version, however, there’s a red stripe on the lip of the front bumper as well as some black inserts around the haze lights. The day-time lights develop a Y which is a wonderful touch that’s kept for the GR Sport, whilst the interior of the front lights itself being black. Otherwise, the front end is generally similar to that of any other Yaris considering that Toyota really did not add any one of the stripings that we see on the GRMN.

The side profile is controlled by the 17-inch 10-spoke wheels that make the car look a lot bolder.

Certainly, the car rests quarter-of-an-inch lower than the standard version and the space in between the wheel arc, and the tire itself has additionally been minimized by 0.7 inches.
There are likewise some black attachments in the direction of the bottom edge of the doors, yet the wheel arches themselves aren’t broadened as such. The roof covering itself is likewise passed out, and there are piano black door moldings. The exterior rear-view mirrors are repainted in the same color. It’s worth mentioning that the Yaris GR Sport will just be offered (as early as the end of the year) in five-door layout. And right here I assumed that less doors implied flashy, not a lot more.

2-2 2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport Review

The rear end is incredibly the same, aside from the addition of a spoiler in addition to the trunk. There’s also some Gazoo Racing badging on the trunk and some more subtle red bordering on the lower side of the rear bumper. The boomerang-shaped taillights are the same although the Toyota logo on at the back gets on a black background on the GR Sport.


The basic pole positions are out from the GR Sport, Toyota suitable in their place some GR-badged sports seats with improved side assistance, upholstered in black Ultrasuede with comparison white sewing and white inserts. The three-spoke steering wheel is borrowed from the GT86 Coupe while the black headlining and satin chrome trim for the gear shifter and the air vent and door-mounted sound speaker surrounds completely the GR-esque appearance. Some might claim this all looks low-cost while others will claim it’s overbranding, yet Toyota needed to embellish the GR Sport somehow, right?

2-2 2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport Review

Currently, in terms of functionality, everything is where you would certainly expect it to be in a Yaris.
Both air vents rest atop the dashboard while, listed below, you’ll discover the infotainment display that controls the center stack. Underneath, there is the radio. When you push the begin switch, the multi-information TFT screen behind the guiding wheel shines red as it comes to life with the GR logo the first thing you see. Your feet also will certainly also decide on GR-branded carpetings. Yes, it’s the exact same M intrusion you’ll have to require on your own to overlook inside a modern-day BMW, just as opposed to the letter M, you’ll have to handle two letters: GR.

Engine and Specs

The GR Sport is powered by a the same 1.5-liter hybrid engine which creates 99-horsepower.

That’s some 110-horsepower down on the GRMN yet, at the very least, you obtain the exact same Bridgestone Potenza RE50 tires.
The in-line four-pot is good enough for 81.8 pound-feet of torque, but what issues is that it will certainly balance over 60 mpg. Does that out-weight the fact that the car will reach 62 mph in 11.8 seconds and has a full throttle of just 102 mph?

Yet, Toyota did give something away from the GRMN’s spirit. The GR Sport has Sachs Performance shock absorbers and an anti-sway bar while the suspension has actually also been stiffened-up. The car should, theoretically, manage far better because of boosted shocks and suspension, in addition to larger wheels and grippier tires, so it ought to be enjoyable to drive, only don’t anticipate much to happen when you floor it. The gearbox is additionally the very same CVT system.

Price of 2019 Toyota Yaris GR Sport

Toyota did not disclose how much it will certainly ask for the GR Sport. Nevertheless it might be, they have to make it economical, otherwise few will sell. I mean, the price of a basic Yaris Hybrid in Europe is around $23,500, yet it can surpass $26,000. That’s a lot of money for barely 100 horses and some exterior fine-tunes.

For that type of cash, you could stand out to a Ford supplier and get yourself a Fiesta ST which has 200-horsepower and actually attempts to be a hot hatch, not simply advise you of one with its appearance.


The Yaris GR Sport is for the individual that intends to have the crossbreed Yaris yet with some sporty qualifications affixed. It will probably handle better than any Yaris aside from the GRMN, but you can get a Peugeot GTI or a Fiesta ST for the very same loan. Both look better and use vastly exceptional performance. You won’t obtain the exact same gas mileage as you get from the crossbreed however, at the end of the day, you need to choose between effectiveness and performance.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport

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